High voltage power engineer
High voltage power engineer  /  Master's degree or doctoral degree  /  2 years and above  /  1 person

【Tenure Requirements】

. High Voltage Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology, Engine Specialization, Structural Engineering, etc.

. Experience in high voltage electronics or simulation is preferred.

. Responsible for building physical simulation models of mechanical structures.

. Responsible for the development and implementation of experimental validation of simulation models.

. Responsible for the development of product performance validation implementation program and product reliability improvement projects and production problems.

Product Designer
Product Designer  /  Bachelor’s degree or above  /  2 years and above  /  1 person

【Tenure Requirements】

. Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Electromagnetic Fields, Engines, Electro-Vacuum, and other related disciplines

. Skilled in the use of mechanical drawing software, with proficiency in English listening, reading, and writing skills.

CT Test Engineer
CT Test Engineer  /  Associate degree  /  3 years and above  /  1 person

【Tenure Requirements】

. Mechanical, testing, or electrical automation related majors preferred.

. Have a certain CT test work experience and data analysis ability.

Purchasing Engineer
Purchasing Engineer  /  Bachelor’s degree  /  2 years and above  /  1 person

【Tenure Requirements】

. Major in science and engineering.

. Familiar with machining related processes, proficiency in drawing related knowledge.

. Experience in supplier development in medical industry is preferred.

. Good verbal communication skills, sense of responsibility

Campus Recruitment
Campus Recruitment  /  Bachelor’s degree or above  /  No work experience required  /  1 person

【Tenure Requirements】

. Electronics, Physics, Mechanical, Electrical Automation, Materials, Electro-Vacuum, and other related majors

. Strong learning ability, hard-working quality.

. Good verbal communication skills and teamwork spirit, sense of responsibility, strong resistance to pressure.