Finance Supervisor
Finance Supervisor  /  Bachelor’s degree or above  /  2 years or more   /  1 person


1.With a bachelor’s degree or above, junior accounting title or above and professional technical qualifications.

2.Has been proficient in operating Yonyou software and its subsystem modules, especially the costing module. Have mastered the theoretical knowledge of cost accounting and are familiar with the principles and processes of manufacturing cost accounting. 

3.familiar with the processing of accounting statements, accounting regulations and tax laws, skilled use of EXCEL, WORD and other office software. a general ledger accounting work for more than 2 years in the commodity distribution industry and familiar with ERP system, familiar with the entire company's financial accounting processing.

5.good learning ability, communication ability, independent work ability and financial analysis ability, good professionalism.


1. Document review, reconciliation of settlement statements and payment documents.

2. Reconciliation of related transactions, reconciliation of goods issued and provisional estimates between internal subsidiaries.

3. Supply chain accounting, accounting and generation of vouchers for inbound and outbound documents

4. Cost accounting, material cost accounting and allocation; labor and expense collection and allocation; product cost accounting; voucher generation

5. Accounts payable system, expense voucher generation 

6. Reconciliation, supply chain, accounts receivable and payable, cost module and general ledger reconciliation

7.Remittance, month-end remittance 

8.Familiar with the company's financial accounts, and familiar with ERP system.

9.Responsible for company accounting, audit the company's original documents, prepare the company's bookkeeping vouchers, register accounting books, monthly financial statements and financial analysis reports in a timely manner.

10.Regularly check whether the company's cash and bank deposits are in line with the actual accounts.

11. Responsible for accounting for the company's costs and expenses, supervising the expenses of various departments and strengthening cost control.

12.Do the company tax planning, declare tax on time, control the tax burden, responsible for communication and coordination with local tax authorities.

13.Responsible for the preparation of annual financial budget, cost forecast, control, accounting, analysis and assessment, monitoring the implementation of the budget, providing timely and effective financial analysis for the company's decision-making, and making useful suggestions.

Product Design Engineer
Product Design Engineer  /  Bachelor’s degree or above  /  1 year or more  /  1 person


1、Master degree or above

2、Profession: physics, electronics, materials, machinery, etc.

3、Knowledge and skills: skilled in using mechanical drawing software, proficient in listening, reading and writing in English.

4、Other requirements: strong analysis, judgment ability, strong written language expression ability.


1、Dome parts structure design and optimization

2、Dome assembly process design and optimization

3、New product project development and management

4、X-ray tube new supplier development, supplier issues communication

Technical Support Engineer
Technical Support Engineer  /  Specialist and above  /  2 years and above  /  1 person


1. College or above, mechanical or electrical engineering (preferred)

2. with two years or more of CT machine fault judgment, repair and maintenance experience. Especially familiar with the CT products of Philips, Neusoft Medical, United Imaging and other companies are preferred.

3. understand or familiar with the safe use of CT machines, maintenance and requirements; able to independently engage in the installation and commissioning of medical tube components

4. with strong analysis, judgment, strong writing and language skills.

     Strong ability to learn new knowledge and strong hands-on ability.

     Other requirements of good sense of responsibility and professional ethics.

     Good teamwork spirit and interpersonal and communication collaboration skills.

     Ability to work under strong pressure and adapt to long hours of travel and night work.


1. Master the characteristics of the company's products and functional use

2. work with the sales department, responsible for the company's daily pre-sales and after-sales telephone and on-site technical support to customers

3. Track and learn the latest technical developments, understand the new products, new technologies, new business and new equipment

4. Cooperate with the quality management department to analyze customer feedback and customer complaints, and take corrective and preventive measures

5. Responsible for the customer's product demonstration, independent on-site guidance work, and registration of relevant record documents

6. Maintain good communication with customers, to enable customers to learn and skilled use of the products provided by the company

7. Collect product problems, data problems in the service process, collect and organize user suggestions and information

8. regular visits to customers, product tracking and maintenance

Equipment Engineer
Equipment Engineer  /  Bachelor’s degree or above  /  1 year or more  /  1 person


1、Bachelor degree or above, majoring in machinery and automation

2、Working experience in equipment maintenance and repair

3、Understanding the working principle of high voltage generator


1, according to the production process requirements, the preparation of equipment selection technical requirements and equipment upgrading technical requirements

2、Evaluate the functions of the new equipment to ensure that it meets the technical requirements of the production process

3、The introduction of new equipment and the implementation of equipment transformation plan

4、Organize equipment acceptance and equipment-related training

5、Foundation of abnormal repair, maintenance and related record keeping

6, the development of equipment maintenance plans and facilities

7、Management of equipment spare parts

Supplier Management Engineer (SQE)
Supplier Management Engineer (SQE)  /  Bachelor’s degree or above  /  3 years or more  /  1 person


1, familiar with supplier management, familiar with project management, familiar with the quality control process.

2, familiar with the use of QC seven practices, FMEA, PPAP, 8D and other quality tools

3、Experience in quality management in medical equipment industry or automotive industry, experience in R&D drawings to product realization is preferred

4、More than 3 years of machining background, familiar with CNC, injection molding, die-casting and other processes

5、Good communication and coordination skills

6、Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills


1、Responsible for the establishment of the whole process management mechanism of suppliers from drawing to delivery, the formation of management documents, procurement quality specifications, quality control in the pre-design and development of parts; parts inspection guideline development, determination criteria and inspection method development, supplier sample FAI approval.

2、Responsible for supplier capability development, according to the needs of new suppliers, annual review of existing suppliers and specific material issues including process capability improvement, measurement system effectiveness management, production site PFMEA audit and control plan audit and supplier production data analysis, etc..

3、Responsible for supplier product quality statistics and data analysis.

4、Responsible for tracking supplier quality improvement.