After Sales ServiceTechnical support

Yiyuan always adheres to the enterprise spirit of " Originated from specialization, keeping innovation, focusing on quality ", has implemented the ISO9001 international standard quality system, strengthens product quality control, improves quality management, and has established a complete service system. Meanwhile, Yiyuan has set up after-sales service outlets and offices in provincial capitals with professional maintenance teams to provide you with more efficient, convenient and reliable services such as product consultation, on-site installation, installation training, clinical training and system upgrade.

1.After-sales service status
Yiyuan has set up after-sales service stations in all provincial capitals and regional cities with a high concentration of tertiary hospitals.
The maintenance station is equipped with more than 1 after-sales service engineer and technical engineer and configured with special equipment and stocked with maintenance spare parts.
The after-sales service station will respond within 1-2 hours and arrive at the service site within 6-72 hours after receiving the maintenance notice.

Product WarrantyProduct warranty

Routine maintenance of your medical equipment is recommended for longevity. Buying X-ray tube housing assembly is an investment, and we believe you will enjoy the value it brings. To ensure that your investment remains intact, it is not enough to rely on the commitment of Yiyuan, but rather your combined efforts. We take care of your medical equipment to maintain its value.

We take care of your medical equipment to maintain its value. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the highest quality service at every stage of your equipment purchase and after-sales maintenance, so that your equipment meets the strictest quality standards that only Yiyuan can provide.

Troubleshooting Each step of the maintenance service may seem simple, but it requires expertise, training, experience and the same exacting quality standards which is the same as manufacturing a new device, so it takes a lot of time. In the event of a malfunction, please turn off the machine and follow the instructions to check and troubleshoot. Do not modify or disassemble the machine to repair it yourself, as this may lead to unsafe.

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