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Yiyuan’s CT Tube is now getting a new life


Yiyuan’s CT Tube is now getting a new life.

——Congratulations on the start of the new plant renovation of Kunshan Yiyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd

As the national strong foundation project, Kunshan Yiyuan has successfully made a breakthrough in CT tube project, mass production of products is underway, and the industrialization layout has been launched at the same time. On June 16, 2021, at No. 938 Qiantang River Road, Kunshan Economic Development Zone, representatives of the designer, builder and Kunshan Yiyuan attended the ceremony, which was hosted by Mr. Zhou Feng, Deputy General Manager of Yiyuan, and addressed by Mr. Zhang Lanyong, Chairman and General Manager of Yiyuan.

Chairman Zhang Lanyong said, "CT tube is the core component of high-end medical equipment, with high requirements for all aspects of technology and quality, we will work with the upstream and downstream industry chain to create a veritable high-end domestic tube in China's medical CT equipment. Our goal is to make Yiyuan the largest CT tube R&D and production base in China and the world within 5 years, and the most competitive medical X-ray tube supplier in the world. "

The representatives of the design and construction side also said: “It is a great honor to undertake the renovation and transformation project of the scientific and innovative enterprise Yiyuan, and we will definitely make every effort to complete the task with high quality within the construction period, so as to make the project to be a benchmark in the industry and lay a solid foundation for the early realization of the expansion of the production capacity of Yiyuan.”

At 9:18 a.m., the fall of the hammer in the hand of Vice General Manager Zhou Feng marked the official start of the renovation of the new maternity ward of Yiyuan Medical!

Great oaks from little acorns grow, this is a special day, this is a starting point for growth, a thousand years of great work starts from this. After the completion of the new production line, Yiyuan will have the capacity to produce more than 7,000 X-ray tubes per year.