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Looking back at the two years of struggle, looking forward to the new future of Yiyuan!


       On May 23, 2020, at 9:30 a.m., the second anniversary celebration of Kunshan Yiyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Suzhou Kunshan Jinling Grand Hotel! Agents and industry experts from all over the country gathered for an intimate exchange.

        The opening video grandly introduces Yiyuan, with a few short minutes and numerous scenes switching, giving a strong visual impact. After a wonderful visual enjoyment. Chairman of Kunshan Yiyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd, Mr. Yin Jianping, director Mr. Huang Hao, GM Mr. Zhou Feng, Vice GM Ms. Du Xiaoqin and Mr. Yang Kai and other company leaders gave speeches on stage.

        In his speech, Chairman Yin Jianping said that the achievements made by Yiyuan so far were not easy to come by, we have achieved what we have today is caused by breaking through the technical barriers. He told the technical staff and management personnel present to stop being arrogant, keep a low profile, and strive to make Yiyuan to be the most powerful medical X-ray tube R&D and production base in China and the most competitive medical X-ray tube supplier in the world, break the monopoly, reduce the operating cost of CT in hospitals, alleviate the burden of medical expenses on patients, and escort the health and welfare of the people in China and the world.


        After a warm and exciting speech, the director of Kunshan Yiyuan Medical Technology Co. Mr. Huang Hao started his speech, tell the people on site about the past life of Yiyuan. In 2014, the company confidently chose to enter the field of medical X-ray tube in the transformation of future product development. The expected idea was to quickly develop X-ray CT tubes use with Guoli's top technology in the field of electric vacuum. With the further development of the XT project, Yiyuan's top management found that there were difficulties in the field of medical X-ray tubes, such as the lack of key technologies and huge capital investment. Then with the relying on the support of the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the accumulation of technology in the field of electric vacuum, the company strived to learn the advanced technology at home and abroad, complete the design innovation, break through the monopoly of foreign technology, and finally completed the development, production and sales of X-ray tubes for CT after several years of dedicated research, achieving a zero breakthrough in high heat capacity tubes, while having full independent intellectual property rights.


        Mr. Zhou Feng, General Manager of Kunshan Yiyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. spoke on stage, fully affirming the impressive performance of Yiyuan in management, technology development, project improvement and marketing, and expressing his confidence in the future development prospects of the company. The history of Yiyuan is opening the most exciting chapter, and the "huge ship" of Yiyuan is breaking through all kinds of difficulties and obstacles to set sail! He said that Yiyuan’s today cannot be achieved without the efforts of all the people here and the hard work of the staff. General Manager Zhou Feng expressed his gratitude to them and called on all employees to unite and make their due contribution to the development of Yiyuan.


        As the leader of the R&D team, Ms. Du Xiaoqin, Vice General Manager of Yiyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. gave a speech on "the development of Kunshan Yiyuan’s X-ray tube", introducing the design, development, production and application of high thermal capacity 5.3 MHU, 8 MHU and 3.5 MHU CT bulb tubes to the guests. She said that the whole technical team was under tremendous pressure during the development process, with huge capital investment, constant change of technical personnel, and many sleepless days and nights, and finally achieved the zero breakthrough of "Chinese insert". She was full of expectation for the future development of the company and put forward new requirements for the technical staff present, taking the world's advanced technology as the goal to catch up.


        Yiyuan’s management team provides professional answers and discussion on questions and cases to the national agents and industry experts, regarding three aspects: production, technology, and marketing. The most talked about by the agents was how to keep them from being necked by the established foreign tube companies and how to make them proud to replace the process tube for hospitals. All guests were incredibly happy to discuss.

         The call to support national products and national enterprises has become louder and louder, which is the voice of 1.4 billion compatriots of the Chinese nation. In order to break the monopoly of foreign products in this field, Kunshan Yiyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the goal of localization of mid- and high-end CT bulb tubes. We have a common mission and vision, change with heart, perceive with heart, act with heart, create with heart and reach with heart, to manufacture with heart, grasp the quality of products with heart and serve users with heart, to reach every goal with heart.


        At 12:00 noon, all the participants dined in the restaurant, accompanied by the relaxing "Happy Birthday" song, we shared the birthday cake together and cheered for the second birthday of Yiyuan.