Core CompetenceCore competence

01Background advantage

Medical high-energy X-ray tube above 5MHU is still blank in China, the whole field is occupied by foreign companies, and the international trade situation is more severe. According to the national policy, Yiyuan has completed the independent research and development of CT tube through advanced technology learning and absorption to break the monopoly of foreign technology.

02Talent advantage

Yiyuan is a company that has established academicians, doctoral workstations, several domestic and foreign experts in the field of electric vacuum, as well as a technical team with rich experience in X-ray tube R&D and foreign experts who provide comprehensive technical services from R&D, process realization, equipment introduction to mass production of products.

03Platform advantage

Yiyuan through the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s strong foundation project "Over 5 MHU high-energy X-ray tube for medical" and Guoli’s 50 years of electric vacuum device manufacturing platform, the introduction of imported equipment which are professional for X-ray tube assembly, exhausting and seasoning, oiling and testing, has rapidly industrialized X-ray tube components such as 5MHU, 8MHU and 3.5MHU, and holds dozens of patents in this field.

04Supply Chain Advantage

In order to ensure the development and stable production of X-ray tube components, Yiyuan has developed several domestic and international high-quality suppliers and maintains strategic cooperative relationships with them.

05Supporting advantages

Yiyuan has achieved strategic synthesis with the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the mainstream domestic medical manufacturers (Neusoft Medical, United Imaging, Minfound, Sinovision, Anke, etc.).